Contemporary Documentary Photography in Appalachia


This Pathfinder is designed as an introduction to contemporary documentary photography and its portrayal of human subjects within the Appalachian region. This compilation is limited to post-1970 photographic work held by the W.L. Eury collection at Appalachian State University.

Introductory Text: 

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Library of Congress Subject Headings: 
  • Appalachian Mountains Photography
  • Appalachians (People) -- Appalachian Region, Southern -- Pictorial works
  • Appalachians (People) -- Kentucky -- Pictorial works
  • Appalachians (People) -- Pictorial works
  • Appalachian Region, Southern -- Biography -- Pictorial works
  • Appalachian Region, Southern -- Pictorial works
  • Appalachian Region, Southern -- Social life and customs -- Pictorial works
  • Appalachian Region, Southern -- Social life and customs -- Miscellanea
  • Appalachian Region, Southern -- Pictorial works
  • Appalachian Region, Southern -- Popular Culture
  • Appalshop, Whitesburg, KY
  • Art-Appalachia
  • Bluegrass musicians -- portraits
  • Country Life
  • Country Life --Appalachian Region
  • Culture-Appalachia
  • Documentary Photography -- North Carolina -- Madison County
  • Documentary photography -- United States
  • Farm life -- Appalachian Region, Southern -- Pictorial works
  • Gatlinburg (TN) -- Biography -- Portraits
  • Great Smoky Mountains Region (NC and TN) -- Biography –Portraits
  • Great Smoky Mountains (N.C. and Tenn.) -- Social life and customs -- Pictorial works
  • Kentucky -- Biography -- Portraits
  • Kentucky -- history -- pictorial works
  • Kentucky -- Pictorial works
  • Kentucky -- Social life and customs
  • Mountain People
  • Museum of Appalachia, Norris, TN
  • Lebanon Region (Va.) -- Pictorial works
  • Photography – Appalachian Mountains
  • Photography – Appalachian Region
  • Photojournalism -- United States
  • Sevier County (TN) -- Biography -- Portraits
  • Tennessee -- Social life and customs -- Pictorial works
  • Tobacco farmers -- North Carolina -- Madison County -- Social life and customs
  • West Virginia -- Pictoral works
  • Women-Appalachia
Library of Congress Call Numbers: 
  • F217
  • F217. A65
  • TR 23
  • TR 647
  • TR 820.5

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Compiler: Leigh Ann Henion, 2 December 2004

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