Dialect of Southern Appalachia


This pathfinder is designed with the hope that others who have an interest in Southern Appalachian dialect will be able to derive positive information from its structure. There is a distinct line between scholarly research and “humorous” research on this topic and even in scholarly research the reader needs to be aware of a sometimes condescending tone.

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Christain, Donna and Walt Wolfram. Appalachian Speech . Arlington, Virginia: The Center for Applied Linguistics. 1976. ASU APP COLL PE2970.A6 W64 l976 c.2

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  • English Language - Dialects - Appalachian Region - Southern
  • English Language - Appalachian Region
  • English Language - Dialects -- Appalachian Region
  • English Language - Dialects - Southern States
  • English Language - Provincialism - Kentucky
  • English Language - Provincialism - North Carolina
  • Americanisms - Appalachian Region - Southern
  • Americanisms - Southern States
  • English Language - Provincialism - Appalachian Region - Southern
  • Appalachian Region - Southern
  • English Language - Dialects - Alabama
  • English Language - Dialects - Georgia
  • English Language - Dialects - Kentucky
  • English Language - Dialects - North Carolina
  • English Language - Dialects - Tennessee
  • English Language - Dialects - West Virginia
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  • Dialect
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  • PE 2970
  • PE 3l0l
  • PE 2926
  • F 2l7.A65

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Guides, Encyclopedias, and Dictionaries: 

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American Dialect Society: www.americandialect.org
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Southern Appalachian Mountains - North Carolina/South Carolina State Line

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