Ethnographies and Ethnographic-like Works on Appalachia


The majority of material written on the Appalachian region to date is often fictitious in nature or includes local color stories, sentimental narratives, and derogatory ethnic descriptions. This document is designed as an introduction to ethnographies and ethnographic-like literature on Appalachia, which ideally present scholarly or at least factual content. The material is often scattered among a variety of academic disciplines ranging from anthropology to health science, and sociology to political science.

Introductory Text: 

Campbell, John C. The Southern Highlander and His Homeland . Spartanburg, SC, Reprint Co. [c1921]. 405 pages. ASU APP COLL STACKS: F210 .C2 1973.

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  • Appalachian Region -- Community
  • Appalachian Region -- Economic Conditions
  • Appalachian Region -- Family
  • Appalachian Region -- Social Conditions
  • Appalachian Region -- Social Life and Customs
  • Appalachian Region, Southern -- Social Life and Customs -- Case Studies
  • Coal Miners -- Appalachian Region
  • Coal Mines and Mining -- Appalachia
  • Kentucky -- Community
  • Kentucky -- Social Life and Customs
  • North Carolina -- Community
  • North Carolina -- Social Life and Customs
  • Virginia -- Social Life and Customs
  • Tennessee -- Social Life and Customs
  • West Virginia -- Community
  • West Virginia -- Social Life and Customs
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  • BX6337
  • F457.K6
  • HD9545
  • BX6383
  • F574.D49
  • HN49
  • E185.93
  • HC107
  • HN78
  • F210
  • HC110
  • HN79
  • F456.2
  • HD5326
  • LC205.A6
  • F457.B5
  • HD5855

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Abstracts and Indices: 

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Other Sources: 

The Human Resources Area File , or HRAF, may be a useful research tool.

The division on Mountain Whites breaks down 28 standard sources on Appalachia deemed ethnographic-like. The material is presented in subject-category extractions. For example, under the subject “Family Relationships” is a number corresponding to its microfiche file number where all of this particular subject’s components from all 28 publications are collectively presented. The HRAF thus provides an efficient means of locating subject-specific material on Mountain Whites. It is also useful for comparative studies with other culture groups. Additional divisions include Cherokee, Rural Irish , and Highland Scots . There are 79 major subject divisions and 637 minor subdivisions.

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Compiler: Lori Briscoe, 29 October 1998