Fiddle: From Europe to the American South


The fiddle has historically played an important role in the home, community and music of Appalachia. Its roots stretch from lutherie of Italy to repertoire of the British Isles to rhythm of Africa. This document provides sources to trace its path and influences beginning with the modernization of the violin in Cremona, mid-16th century, until the mid-19th century in the Southern Appalachians. Materials referencing Scottish, Irish and British music are only included which instruct as to the democratization of the fiddle and musical trends in those locales in the 17th century. Sources about African-American and German musicians that depict widespread influence on fiddle styles are also included.

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Feintuch, Burt. “The Fiddle in the United States: A Historical Overview.” Kentucky Folklore Record. Bowling Green: Kentucky Folklore Society. Vol. 29, January-June, 1983. pp. 30-38. App Coll GR 1 .K42

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Compiler: Emily Schaad, 4 December 2007