Free Will, Missionary, and Primitive Baptists in Appalachia: Comparing Three Baptist Subdenominations


In Appalachia , many of its residents are defined by their belief in God. The Baptist denomination is divided up into different subdenominations that are unique to Appalachia . This pathfinder focuses on three different subdenominations: Free Will, Missionary and Primitive Baptists. The sources mentioned give a better understanding to the theological and worship practices of the three subdenominations.

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Dorgan, Howard. Giving Glory to God: Worship Practices of Six Baptist Subdenominations . Knoxville , TN.: University of Tennessee Press , 1987 ASU APP COLL STACKS BX6337 .D67 1987

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  • Appalachian Region--Primitive Baptists
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  • Baptists-- Blue Ridge Mountains
  • Free Will Baptists (1727-1935)--History
  • Primitive Baptists--Doctrines
  • Primitive Baptists-Appalachian Region

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  • Appalachian Region-Church History
  • Blue Ridge Mountains -Church History
  • Baptists-- North Carolina History
  • Calvinism- Blue Ridge Mountains
  • Free Will Baptists (1727-1935) -- Doctrines
  • Primitive Baptists-Doctrines
  • Primitive Baptists-History
  • Primitive Baptists-Blue Ridge Mountains
  • Universalism -- Appalachian Region

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  • Appalachian Region--Religion
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  • Baptists- North Carolina -History
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  • Baptists--Virginia-History
  • Baptists- West Virginia --History
  • Primitive Baptists--Church Controversies
  • Primitive Baptists-- Tennessee -History
  • Primitive Baptists -- Appalachian Region -- Clergy -- Biography
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America : History and Life database gives many book reviews and journal articles on primarily Primitive Baptists.

ATLA religion database provides numerous journal articles, book reviews and books on Primitive Baptists and Free Will Baptists.

Sociological Abstracts results are few but abstracts of journal articles on Primitive Baptists are found.


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