Historical Appalachian Out-Migration


Most texts on Appalachian out-migration focus on the “Great Migration” of millions who left the region between 1940 and 1960, but some also consider the earlier period of the late 1800s to the early 1900s. The majority of these texts emphasize white migration, looking at the experience of some Appalachian migrants in midwestern cities. In particular, Cincinnati, Ohio has been studied extensively due to its high population of Appalachian migrants and the activism of Appalachians in the city. If we broaden the traditional understanding of Appalachian migration as “white migration” to include other major population shifts and racial/ethnic groups, we also need to include the forced removal of the Cherokee in the 1830s. Additionally, while specific research on African-American migration and gender specific studies are scarce, this pathfinder will include texts that focus on these topics. The two major periods of African-American migration from the South (including central and southern Appalachia) occurred from 1865-1900 and from 1916-1925. When Appalachian migration studies do address African-Americans, they tend to use the period of major white migration as the only framework. For this reason, this pathfinder includes general discussions of African-American migration from the South, even if they do not focus strictly on Appalachia.

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Abstracts and Indices: 

America: History and Life includes many related book review, journal articles, dissertations, and collections relating to American history. Searches for Appalachia and migration (or migrants), Cherokee and removal or Trail of Tears, and African-American and migration yielded many results of publications from 1964 to the present. Note: search using asterisks for more results (ex. Appalachia*). This database indexes many relevant titles including: Appalachian Journal , Appalachia , Journal of Black Studies , Rural Sociology , Journal of Cherokee Studies , and Now and Then .

Bibliography of Native North Americans includes many entries about Cherokee (and other Native American) removal or the Trail of Tears. This database cites materials published from the sixteenth century to the present. This database, along with America: History and Life , would be the best bet for researching the forced migration of Native Americans.

MLA includes links to many books about Appalachian migrants, but is limited on the subject of Cherokee removal. If you search for “black” and “migration,” you will get a decent numbers of records returned on this topic. Subjects covered by this database include folklore, language, literature, and linguistics from 1963 to the present. You will find many titles that discuss migration as a theme in literature.

Sociological Abstracts databases journals, dissertations, books, and conference papers in sociology and the behavioral sciences since 1974. This database is very important to this topic because it indexes the Journal of Appalachian Studies. This database yields significant results for a search for a search of Appalachian migration and African-American migration, but very few of Cherokee removal.

OTHER INDICES : Less productive, but also useful databases include: Infotrac Onefile, Academic Search Elite, and JSTOR .


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