History of Agriculture in Central and Southern Appalachia


The history of agriculture in Central and Southern Appalachia is a broad topic encompassing many interconnected issues. Central to the discussion of this history is the presence of both subsistence farming and farmer’s involvement in the capitalist market system. Further economic issues involve the production and marketing of produce and livestock, farm size, land scarcity and demographic pressures.

Of further interest to those researches this topic is the historical context of agricultural practices in the United States and the global market. Also relevant are the educations and aid programs geared toward farmers and farm families. Land ownership, demographic pressures, farm sizes and migratory practices are all highly relevant factors affecting the history of agriculture in Appalachia. Additionally, the presence of farmer co-operatives and political organizations as well as development programs deserve examination. Some major agricultural practices in Appalachia include, but are not limited to, the production of produce, livestock, tobacco, and Christmas trees.

There is currently no major works that deal comprehensively with the history of agriculture in Central and Southern Appalachia. Therefore, an examination of diverse case studies and materials focusing on specific aspects of agriculture in Appalachia is the best way to gain a more comprehensive understanding of this history.

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