Medicinal Plants of the Southern Appalachians


The Southern Appalachian region is the most botanically diverse of any of the world’s temperate zones. The relationship of human beings to these plants has a history rich in traditions and is the basis of modern medicine. This document is designed as an introduction to the literature about medicinal plants of the Southern Appalachian Mountains available in the Belk library, the W. L. Eury Appalachian Collection, or available through the Western North Carolina Library Network.

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Krochmal, Arnold, Russell S. Walters, and Richard M. Doughty. A Guide to Medicinal Plants of Appalachia. Washington, D.C.:USDA, 1971 ASU App Coll QK99.K696

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  • Appalachians (People) – Medicine
  • Botany - Medical - United States
  • Cherokee Indians - Ethnobotany
  • Cherokee Indians - Medicine
  • Ethnobotany – Appalachian Region
  • Herbs - Therapeutic Use
  • Indians of North America – Medicine
  • Indians of North America – Ethnobotany - Blue Ridge Mountains
  • Materia Medica - Vegetable - Appalachian Region
  • Medicinal Plants - Appalachian Region
  • Traditional Medicine - Appalachian Region
  • Traditional Medicine - Appalachian Region - Southern
  • Traditional Medicine - Blue Ridge Mountains

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  • Botanical Chemistry
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  • Ethnobotany - Southern States
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  • Herbs - Folklore
  • Materia Medica - Vegetable - North America
  • Medicinal Plants – East (United States)
  • Medicinal Plants - North America
  • Naturopathy
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  • Phytotherapy
  • Plant – Medical – Therapeutic Use
  • Wild Plants – Edible – Appalachian Region -Southern

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  • Botany - Economic
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  • Plants – Folklore
  • Plants - Useful - North America
  • Social Medicine


  • Alternative Medicine
  • Aromatic Plants
  • Botany - Dictionary
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  • Medical Care and Medicine
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  • TP 248

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Audio and Video Sources: 

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Other Sources: 

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Outline of World Cultures
Mountain Whites-NN5

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Manuscript Collections for Medicine and Healing (Available in App Spec Coll in the Doughtery Reading Room by appointment.)
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