Medicine Shows in Appalachia


This pathfinder is meant to point readers to useful subject areas and works to explore in regards to the American medicine shows of the post-bellum era and early 20th century. While the medicine shows were a fairly distinct phenomena, studying them can lead researchers in many very diverse directions. Medicine shows were traveling musical and theatrical events designed to sell products, which were often advertised with elaborate and beautiful visual ads. Because of this, studying them can provide information on topics as wide-ranging as the evolution of medical advertising, commercial art, popular views of medicine and health, various forms of popular music, and traveling theater. The specific relevance of medicine shows to students of Appalachian Studies will likely (though not necessarily) be in specific Appalachian blues, old-time, and country performers who began their careers touring with medicine shows. While there are not very many works specifically on medicine shows, I have tried to point out particular performers and relevant subject areas, the study of which could enhance a reader’s understanding of medicine shows.

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Advertising Medicine HF6161.P37

Blackface Entertainers PN2071.B58

Medicine shows GV1834.7-GV1835.56

Minstrel Shows PN1969.M5

Patent Medicines RM671-RM671.5

Quacks and Quackery R730

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African American Entertainers

African Americans in Popular Culture

Blues (Music)-1931-1940 ML3521

Country music-to 1951

Jug Band Music

Jug Bands

String Band music

Washboard Band Music

Washboard Bands

More General

Advertising Fliers HF5861-HF5863

Advertising, Newspaper HF5871-HF6141

Blues (Music) ML3521

Blues Musicians

Country Music ML3523-ML3524

Country Musicians

Fiddle Tunes

Old-time music

Ragtime Music (History and Criticism) ML3530

Tent Shows

Traveling Theatre


Advertising HF5801-HF6182

Carnivals GV1834.7-GV1835.56

Circus GV1800-GV1831

Magic Shows

Peddlers GT5960.P43-GT5960.P432

Peddling HF5457-HF5459

Revues M1500-M1508

Revues-History and Criticism ML1700-ML1751

Sideshows GV1834.7-GV1835.56

Swindlers and Swindling HV6691-HV6699

Vaudeville PN1962-PN1969, PN6120.V3

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Black Musicians-Appalachia



Musical Instruments-Banjo

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GV1834.7-GV1835.56 (Medicine Shows)

GV1800-GV1831 (Circus)

GV1834.7-GV1835.56 (Sideshows)

R730 (Quacks and Quackery)

PN2071.B58 (Blackface Entertainers)

PN1969.M5 (Minstrel Shows)

HF5457-HF5459 (Peddling)

HF6161.P37 (Advertising Medicine)

HV6691-HV6699 (Swindlers and Swindling)

RM671-RM671.5 (Patent Medicines)

ML3521 (Blues)

ML3523-ML3524 (Country Music)

ML3530 (Ragtime Music, History and Criticism)

PN1962-PN1969, PN6120.V3 (Vaudeville)

M1500-M1508 (Revues)

ML1700-ML1751 (Revues, History and Criticism)

GT5960.P43-GT5960.P432 (Peddlers)


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Acuff, Roy

Anderson, Pink

Ashley, Clarence “Tom”Banjo


Blue Ridge Mountain Entertainers (Tom Ashley, Gwen Foster, Clarence Greene, Walt Davis)

Bluebird Records

Bouchillon, Chris

Bouchillon, Uris

Cannon, Gus (Banjo Joe)

Cannon’s Jug Stompers (Gus Cannon, Hosea Woods, Noah Lewis)

Carolina Tar Heels (Dock Walsh, Gwen Foster, Tom Ashley, Garley Foster)

Carson, “Fiddlin’” John (Fiddlin John Carson & His Virginia Reelers)

Champion Records


Clarion Records

Columbia Records

Conquerer Records

Covington, Ben “Bogus” (possibly the same person as Ben Curry)

Doc White Cloud’s Troupe

Dooley, Simmie

Emmett, Dan

Gennett Records

Gid Tanner & His Skillet-Lickers (Gid Tanner, Riley Puckett, Clayton McMitchen, Lowe Stokes, Fate Norris)

Godwin, William H. “Shorty” (Shorty Godwin)

Grant Brothers (Claude Grant and Jack Grant)

Hutchison, Frank

Jackson, Peg Leg (Arthur Jackson)

Jenkins, Snuffy

Kickapoo Indian Medicine Company

Macon, Uncle Dave (Uncle Dave Macon & His Fruit Jar Drinkers)

Mainer, Joseph Emmett/J.E. (J.E.’s Mainer’s Mountaineers)

McMichen, Clayton (sometimes Clayton or Clay McMitchen)

Medicine Shows

Medlin, Julian Leonard “Greasy”

Minstrel Shows


OKeh Records

Paramount Records

Patent Medicine

Poole, Charlie (Charlie Poole with the North Carolina Ramblers – Odell Smith, Roy Harvey)

Puckett, Riley

Rodgers, Jimmie

Scott, Tommy

Sherrill, Pappy


Skelton, Red

Smith, Walter “Kid”

Snake Oil

Supertone Records

Tanner, Gid


Velvet Tone Records

Victor Records

Vocalion Records


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