Migration from Appalachia: Central Appalachians in Midwestern Cities


In the 20th century, Appalachians have left the mountains for urban areas in search of jobs and opportunities unavailable in Appalachia. For Appalachians in the coal mining regions of Eastern Kentucky and Southern West Virginia, this often meant seeking a new life in the urban areas of the Midwest. Chicago, Cleveland and Cincinnati, among other cities, were favored destinations of many Appalachian migrants. Many Appalachians were faced with discrimination and hardship when they arrived in their new home. This Pathfinder covers the human movement from the central Appalachians to Midwestern urban areas, and the problems that migrants, and cities, faced when the rural newcomers arrived. Please note that all material in this Pathfinder can be located in the W. L. Eury Appalachian Collection, expect where otherwise noted.

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