Murder in the Southern Appalachians


The mountain people of the Southern Appalachians have been documented to incorporate retributive justice to handle conflicts. Within this framework for justice, violence, even murder, was used. This document is to be used as an introduction to the literature about murder in the Southern Appalachian Mountains. All of the sources are available in the Belk Library or the W. L. Eury Appalachian Collection.

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Montell, William. Killings: Folk Justice in the Upper South. Lexington, KY: University Press of Kentucky, 1986. ASU App Coll HV 6533.54 M66.

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  • Serial Murders (May Subdivide Geographically)
  • Strangling (May Subdivide Geographically)
  • Uxoricide (May Subdivide Geographically)


  • Crimes against humanity
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  • Aged, Killing of
  • Attempted Murder (May Subdivide Geographically)
  • Murder in literature (May Subdivide Geographically)
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  • Gray, Jeni
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  • Frankie Silver
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  • HD 5325
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  • HD 6509
  • HD 6515.M615 A66 - HD 6515.M72 U554
  • HV 6248
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  • HV 6533

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Uniform Crime Report. Annual Report, West Virginia Uniform Crime Reporting
Section. South Charleston, WV: West Virginia Department of Public Safety, 1981. ASU App Coll HV 7293-A4

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