Non-mining Protest and Resistance Movements in Appalachia


Much of the literature concerning protest movements in Appalachia has focused primarily upon reactions to the industrialization of mining and its effects on the community and the environment. Yet in many communities throughout the region, widespread resistance against myriad situations other than mining, such as dam construction, environmental degradation, and tourism development exists. The unifying feature of each situation is that they involve an “outside” force affecting change within a community. While commonalities between various situations can be readily identified, difficulty arises when one attempts to define a nebulous topic such as protest for many human actions that may be perceived as protest are not overtly stated, or even recognized by the participants. This Pathfinder will serve as a brief introduction to the varied forms of resistance and protest aimed at the imposition of real, or perceived, outside values. Due to the inherent vagueness of the topic, the compiler must provide artificial boundaries; this pathfinder will consider only explicitly stated protests, it will not include moonshine, migration patterns, the emergence of the field of Appalachian studies, nor protest songs.

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