Olive Tilford Dargan (Fielding Burke): The Life and Literature


Olive Tilford Dargan, also known through her pseudonym Fielding Burke, was born to a rural family in Litchfield, Kentucky and later became a poet, playwright and novelist. Much of her writing focused on women and working class issues of the Southern Appalachian region. She was a feminist and a socialist, providing one of the few strong southern female voices to the proletarian fiction of the 1930s. As an active participant in the proletarian movement, Dargan wrote a series of radical feminist/socialist novels on the Gastonia mill strikes. Dargan was one of the only proletarian writers to provide a voice of the female working class experience. Her most well-acclaimed published work, From My Highest Hill: Carolina Mountain Folks, was not overtly political, but concentrated on her neighbors in the mountains of Western North Carolina, featuring photography by Bayard Wootten. Dargan was especially interested in fighting the stereotypes of mountain people and culture that were propagated in local color writings, especially Earley Muriel Sheppard’s Cabins in the Laurel. This pathfinder is designed as an introduction to material and resources about the life and literature of Olive Tilford Dargan available in Belk Library and W.L. Eury Appalachian Collection.

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