Oral Tradition in Appalachian Old-Time Instrumental Music


Before the advent of electrical recording mediums, instrumental music in Appalachia was transmitted directly from person to person. Most musicians were also unable to read or write notated music, and therefore relied on personal instruction and memory to acquire new tunes. Due to the reliance on memory, variations were unavoidable (similar to the children’s game “telephone”). This process, known formally as “oral transmission” or “oral tradition,” and informally as the “folk process,” is responsible for the dissemination and preservation of the large body of music now referred to as “old-time.” Although this process continues today, the majority of modern old-time musicians depend on recordings for the acquisition of new repertoire. This pathfinder provides written sources which include discussion of this process within a larger framework. All non-internet related citations are available within Appalachian State’s libraries. Ballads, which went through a similar process, are not within the scope of this pathfinder. In the absence of a singular study, the researcher should examine several of these sources in order to appreciate the complexity of this process.

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The Fiddler’s Companion:
- Exhaustive database of fiddle tunes and their history / variants., including a thorough bibliography.

Music in the Digital Library of Appalachia:
-Searchable database of recordings of Appalachian music. Includes interviews with musicians.

The Old-Time Music Homepage’s Link page: http://www.oldtimemusic.com/otlinks.html
-Various links to all things old-time.

Other Sources: 

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