Parks and People: The Effects of National Parks on Appalachian Communities


This pathfinder provides an introduction to available literature that discusses the removal and resettlement of Southern Appalachian communities as a result of the creation of Great Smoky Mountains National Park in Western North Carolina and Eastern Tennessee, and Shenandoah National Park in Virginia . The creation of the two parks caused the displacement of thousands of families in Southern Appalachia , many of which were not justly compensated for their losses. Although there is a wide array of literature discussing the history of the parks generally, relatively few authors address the “darker side” of the campaigns for park creation. The user may notice that scholarly journals have not been included in this collection, and that those scholarly articles listed tend to be written in the early 1930s. Very few journals have covered this topic with any sort of regularity, and most coverage came just as the parks were created and opened. The majority of the items are located in the W.L. Eury Appalachian Collection at Appalachian State University, and all can be acquired through the Western North Carolina Library Network or via the Internet.

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Lambert, Darwin . 1989. The Undying Past of Shenandoah National Park. Boulder: Roberts Rinehart, Inc. ASU APP. COLL.: F232 .S48 L37 1989

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Highly Relevant:

  • Cades Cove (Tenn.) - History, Economic Conditions, Social Conditions
  • Great Smoky Mountains (N.C. and Tenn.) - History, Social Life and Customs
  • Great Smoky Mountains National Park (N.C. and Tenn.) - Bibliography, History, Environmental Conditions, Political Aspects
  • Human Ecology - Great Smoky Mountains National Park (N.C. and Tenn.)
  • Land Use, Rural - Appalachian Region, Southern
  • Land Use, Rural - Moral and Ethical Aspects - Appalachian Region, Southern
  • National Parks and Reserves - Appalachian Region, Southern - History
  • National Parks and Reserves - North Carolina , Tennessee , Virginia
  • Shenandoah National Park (Va.) - History

Also Relevant:

  • Appalachian Region, Southern - Environmental Conditions, History
  • Environmental Policy - Social Aspects - Appalachian Region, Southern
  • History - America - United States Local History - North Carolina
  • History - America - United States Local History - Tennessee
  • History - America - United States Local History - Virginia
  • Human Ecology - Appalachian Region, Southern
  • Land Use - Environmental Aspects - Appalachian Region, Southern
  • Land Use - Moral and Ethical Aspects
  • National Parks and Reserves - Law and Legislation, Management, Political Aspects, Planning

More General:

  • Agriculture - Forestry - History of Forests, Forest Conditions
  • History - America - United States Local History - Atlantic Coast , Middle Atlantic States
  • History - America - United States Local History - The South, South Atlantic States
  • Mountain Life - Appalachian Region, Southern
  • Mountain Life - Shenandoah River Valley (Va. And W. Va.)


  • Geography, Anthropology, Recreation - Environmental Sciences
  • Land Use
  • Mountains - North Carolina, Tennessee
  • North Carolina, Western - History
  • Parks
  • Protected Areas
  • Public Lands
  • Social Sciences - Industries, Labor, Land Use
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  • Cades Cove
  • Great Smoky Mountains National Park
  • Shenandoah National Park, VA
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  • F106
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  • F232.S48
  • F232.S5
  • F443.G7
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  • SD144

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Guides, Encyclopedias, and Dictionaries: 

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America : History and Life.



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