Persistence of Agriculturally Based Home Economies in Appalachia with Special Attention to Mitchell County, NC


Many households in Appalachia subsidize their wage-based income by growing a kitchen garden and reciprocating favors with their family and neighbors. Yes, there is a move toward a more capital based home economy in Appalachia, but there are pockets within the region where people persist in more traditional economic systems that sustain the home and community. These strategies are essential in rural areas where the job market is unstable. As with any cultural transition, there are various theories that seek to examine and explain the evolution from one stage of economic development to another. This Pathfinder provides an introductory checklist of various types of sources within the literature on Appalachia related to agriculturally based home economies through the twentieth century in the Appalachian region with special attention to Mitchell County North Carolina. Understanding the regional transformation from subsistence to capitalism, the resistance to these changes, and the persistence of family farms and home gardens serves the body of Appalachian Studies well.

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  • Mitchell County N C History
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  • Agriculture
  • Country Life
  • Land Use
  • Mitchell County, NC
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Geospatial and Statistical Data Center through the University of Virginia in Charlottesville Virginia has a searchable website where agricultural census statistics dating back to 1944 can be retrieved. Begin at the below link and direct links to desired dates, North Carolina, then Mitchell County:

Audio and Video Sources: 

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