Quakers in Appalachia


This pathfinder contains materials pertaining to Quakers who have lived and worked in the Appalachian region. Also commonly known as “Friends,” Quakers belong to the Religious Society of Friends, a community founded in 17th century England. Persecuted in their early years, Friends were originally derided as “Quakers” because they were said to tremble with the Spirit of God. They later adopted the term to describe themselves and, today, use it and Friends interchangeably.

During the 19th century, Friends in the United States suffered a number of separations. These resulted in the formation of several different branches of Quakerism. There are differences between these branches and also similarities. This pathfinder includes resources related to all the branches of the Society of Friends that have been active in the Appalachian region. Resources related to Quaker history, testimonies (e.g., expressions of “spirituality in action”), genealogy, and information about individual Quakers and Meetings (e.g., churches) are also included.

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“Religious Society of Friends.” Wikipedia. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Religious_Society_of_Friends (Accessed 12/5/2008).

This web-based encyclopedia entry provides an introduction to Quakerism and the Religious Society of Friends. It explains how Quakerism started and describes the splits that have occurred over time. It discusses traditional Quaker testimonies (like peace, equality, and simplicity). Beliefs and practices of the Friends are also discussed. It concludes with a list of Quaker organizations, related topics, and bibliographical references.

Specht, Neva Jean. “Quakers.” Encyclopedia of Appalachia. Knoxville, TN: University of Knoxville Press, c2006. p. 1345-1347. ASU SPEC APP COLL F106 .E53 2006

This print-based encyclopedia entry provides an introduction to Quakers in the Appalachian region. It describes how early Quakers migrated to eastern Pennsylvania and then down to Virginia and the Carolinas. The article mentions similarities and differences between Friends in the Appalachian region and in eastern Pennsylvania, where many initially settled. The Quaker migration to trans-Appalachian territories is discussed, as is the decline in Quaker populations in the Appalachian region. However, the author informs the reader that, today, Quaker Meetings are once again visible. Most of these new Friends are people who have joined as “convinced” Friends.

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