Round Peak Style: Old Time Music from Surry County, North Carolina


The Southern Appalachian Mountains are filled with a rich tradition of music that draws its roots from Anglo-Celtic fiddle and African banjo music. This genre of music is known to many as “old-time” or mountain string band music. One such variation of style within old time music is known as Round Peak. Originating from the rural area of Round Peak, North Carolina in Surry County, this type of old-time holds a certain distinct sound. Musicians such as Charlie Lowe, Tommy Jarrell, and Fred Cockerham made this music popular in the twentieth century. Differing from other types of old-time, the banjo, with its syncopated rhythms made by drop thumbs and the melodic nature of noting, sets this technique apart from the other old time styles. Today, Surry County is filled with musicians who play Round Peak style, and the Mount Airy Fiddler’s Conventions gives listeners a chance to hear the best. This document is intended to provide an overview of the many research materials available on Round Peak old time music located in the W.L. Eury Appalachian Collection at Appalachian State University.

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Alden, Ray. “Music from the Round Peak.” Old Time Music . 19 (1975/1976): 8-16. ASU APP COLL OVSZ ML 1. O53

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