Western North Carolina Methodism


In 1772 Methodism appeared in colonial North Carolina, the last major protestant religion to do so. By 1850, Methodism, with over one million members in the United States, was the largest protestant religion in the country. Nationally, the next largest protestant religion in 1850, with approximately five hundred thousand members, was the Baptist denomination. Clearly, Methodism was strong and thriving although in North Carolina it remained second in numbers to the Baptists. This Pathfinder will guide the searcher to much of the information available on Western North Carolina Methodism in the Belk Library and the Appalachian Collection. For the purposes of this document, Western North Carolina is defined as that part of North Carolina typically associated with the Appalachian Mountains whereas the United Methodist Church defines the Western North Carolina Conference as that part of North Carolina west of a line that runs north to south approximately from Greensboro to Charlotte. For historical purposes, this Pathfinder will lead the searcher to several sources on Methodism indirectly related to Western North Carolina since Methodism’s growth in Western North Carolina was a direct result of the expansion of Methodism nationwide.

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