Women Activism towards Labor Equality in the Coal Fields of Central Appalachia between 1964-1989


Women’s importance in unifying the labor union movement in the coal fields of Central Appalachia is not extensively documented. The struggle for labor rights repeats itself throughout history and continues to plague the working rural class of the Appalachian Highlands. Women’s activism coupled with organizing and leading groups of women to speak out for equal labor rights in the last three decades has been an issue poorly developed and one that cries out for attention not just from academia but the rest of the country and the world as well. Their political, social, and economic power struggles in recent decades resemble those that pioneers of the early 20th century faced. The differences are that these women fighting for women’s labor rights in the coal fields are fighting not just for their husbands. This document is designed as an introduction to an area needing more exploration and insight. With this as a starting point, windows of opportunity may open to aid in the identification of issues still in need of research and redemption.

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