Policies and Perceptions Surrounding Issues of Climate Change in Southern Appalachia: Air Pollution and Global Warming


Southern Appalachia, a subregion of Appalachia, is an environmental victim of industrial forces. The region, once rich in natural resources that fulfill basic human needs, faces problems of scarcity, environmental degradation, and resource loss. If current industrial trends continue, the future of Southern Appalachia looks even more barren. One of the greatest challenges facing human kind today is rapid climate change. The Southern Appalachian Region is a major contributor to two factors that influence climate change: air pollution and global warming. Due to the US government’s treatment of Appalachia as a colonial state, the exploitation of resources and people have left many dependent on an exploitive industrial sector, rather than on environmentally and economically sustainable resources. While some people in the region are conscious of the exploitive nature of the industrial sector, many in the region are unconscious or, rather, mislead. This project is designed to explore Southern Appalachian perspectives and politics in relationship to current environmental policy associated with climate change.

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  • Acid rain--Appalachian Region
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  • Air Quality Management--Appalachian Region, Southern
  • Appalachian Regional Commission
  • Appalachian Region, Southern
  • Climatic Changes
  • Environmental Policy--Appalachian Region
  • Global Warming-- Appalachian Region
  • Pollution--Appalachian Region

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  • Appalachian Region--Economic Conditions
  • Coal Mines and Mining--Appalachian Region
  • Community Development--Appalachian Region--Citizen Participation
  • Energy Conservation--Appalachian Region
  • Environmental Health
  • Forest Declines--Appalachian Mountains
  • Forest Declines--Appalachian Region
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APPALNET: (a LISTSERV hosted by the University of Kentucky and operated by volunteers. Postings are restricted to LIST members but are un-moderated and unrestricted by editors. APPALNET subscribers offer and receive news about current issues gleaned from major newspapers in the region as well as information of interest to scholars, activists, and Appalachia-lovers both in and outside the region).

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Audio and Video Sources: 

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