Role of Women in Coal Mining Labor Activism in Appalachia


This pathfinder had been constructed as a guide for anyone interested in learning more about the role of women in coal mining related labor related activism in Appalachia. The academic discourse on labor activism, particularly as it relates to labor in Appalachia, has been largely focused on men. While men certainly have played a significant role in activism, the contributions of women have been highly significant as well, and sorely overlooked. It is important to examine the roles that women have played in labor related activism because it informs us not only of their work, but of their relationship with the patriarchy, with men, and with other women, as well as their communities.

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Coal miners’ Spouses

Coal Miners, Harlan County, KY., 1973

Coal Strike

Coal Miners’ Strike, Kentucky, 1973-1974

Strikes and Lockouts—Coal Mining

Women Coal Miners—Appalachian region—History

Women in the Labor Movement

Women Labor Leaders

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Coal Mine Accidents—Kentucky

Coal Miner—Kentucky—Harlan County

Coal Strike, Harlan County, KY., 1975

Dickens, Hazel

Folk Music—United States

Folk Music—West Virginia—Biography

Gunning, Sarah Ogan

Horizon Series

Jackson, Aunt Molly

Jones, Mother

Mine Explosions--Kentucky

National Public Radio (US) Educational Services Department

Reece, Florence

Scotia Mine Disaster, Oven Fork, Kentucky, 1976

Strikes and Lockouts—Coal Mining—Kentucky—Harlan County

United Mine Workers of America



Women in Politics

Women Political Activists

Appalachian (People)—Women

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Coal—Miners—Diseases & Hygiene

Coal Miners

Coal Mines & Mining

Coal Mining & Mining Accidents

Coal Mining Strikes

Coal Miners—Women

Labor Negotiations


Labor—UMWA—Strikes—Brookside—Citizens’ Inquiry

Labor Unions

Mining, Women


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