Search Committee Files for EHRA Non-Faculty and Faculty Searches

Instructions for the Search Committee Chair

  • Gather all files and notes from each committee member. Secure sensitive committee notes in a sealed envelope.
  • Place all files in a large manila envelope or storage box. More than one box may be used, if needed. To obtain storage boxes and/or labels, call x3137. 
    • The search committee file should include, but not be limited to, the following documents: a list of search committee members, signed confidentiality agreements, the job announcement/posting,  correspondence, interview notes from all search commitee members,  lists of interview questions, rating sheets and/or lists of criteria, reference checks, and any other supporting documentation.
    • IMPORTANT:  PeopleAdmn is the official source for all search information and materials. It is *NOT* necessary to print material from PeopleAdmn.  However, if members prefer to print this information *AND* it contains handwritten notes, it must be included in the search file. 
  • Complete a Search Committee Form. Indicate the office transferring the material, the department records manager contact information, and other information as requested. Make sure that the search committee chair has signed the Search Committee Form. The head of the department conducting the search can sign in lieu of the search chair, if needed.
  • Complete the label and attach it to the front of the envelope or box. Labels on boxes should face the same way as the files within.
  • Send the completed Search Committee Form to the University Records Center for review and notify Anna Smith ( that the form is coming.

The University Records Center will review the required paperwork, schedule a pick-up of material, and store the records for three (3) years in accordance with Item 10.43 of the UNC System-Wide General Schedule. If there is no pending legal action, we will destroy the files after three (3) years (regardless of format).

What if my search committee's files include electronically created content?

Born-digital records have the same lifecycle as their paper counterparts. To ensure the integrity of confidential search committee born-digital files, please save your electronic files onto a flash drive.  Be sure to include the flash drive inside your search committee envelope with any paper records.  If there are no paper records, it is still imperative that the flash drive be sealed inside an envelope, following the directions above.  If you need assistance, please contact us at x3137 or x7440.  A Search Committee Form is still required, regardless of the format of the documents themselves.

For help with procedures and forms, ask either your department records manager or call x3137 or x7440.