The Appalachian Collection has an extensive music collection originating on LP, audiocassette, and compact disc format. Albums originate from both mainstream music companies and small production companies. Patrons may listen in the Audiovisual Viewing and Listening Room during collection hours or check out the materials. For a list of Manuscript Collections containing audio and written music, please see the music subject guide.  

PLEASE NOTE: The Audiovisual Viewing and Listening Room is for accessing Appalachian Collection material only. It is not intended for personal use, such as reformatting home movies. Please be respectful of our equipment and our policy.

Additional Resources

  • Regional Hymnody – Resources on hymns and church music in Appalachia
  • Shape Notes and their Songbooks in Appalachia - Resources on shape note hymnals, songbooks, and recordings compiled by Meredith Doster
  • Streaming Audio (via the Music Library’s website)
  • Tune file: This uncataloged resource indexes each song available within the Appalachian Collection’s LP, audiocassette, and compact disc collection which was obtained before 2008. The tune file is accessible only in-house. The on-line catalog records of recordings obtained after 2008 include the title of each song.
  • There are collections of folksongs that have been digitized: