Preparing Boxes for Transfer

Call x3137 to request boxes and box labels.

Packing Boxes

All file series in a box must share the same disposition instruction.

The boxes may contain one or several record series, or items, within the same box, as long as the disposition instruction is the same for the entire box. This enables our office to more readily identify boxes to be appraised for that year and cuts down on the number of times each box is handled.

Please do not pack boxes too tightly or too loosely. Files should stand straight whenever possible. No hanging folders.

Box Labels

A label must be prepared for each box transferred designating your Office/Department and Division/College.  Please transcribe the record series title, page, and item number from Records Schedule for each enclosed item. List date(s) of records. Number boxes for each item (ex.: 1 of 3, 2 of 3, 3 of  3.). If the transfer contains several items, number the boxes of each item separately. Complete unshaded area of this form only.

Please type box labels or write legibly.